Workshop Proepta

Workshop ProEpta, and Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), which is part of Laureate International Universities, and possesses big alliances in the branch with other worldwide universities, decided to create an alliance to offer diverse courses and graduates for the touristic industry in Mexico.

The leadership that possesses UVM in our country, was the reason Laureate International Universities (world’s important universities network), of inviting UVM to be an integral part of his educational project. Up to date, 26 countries are connected in this network, and more than 65 universities around the world

Across the universities of the network, they can access many and varied experiences of internationalization, in which students can course one or more semesters in another country, and coexist with mates of other nationalities, present classes with teachers who give matters in other languages and with all this, to acquire a global vision, which is very valued by the big companies today.

The director and the teachers in Workshop ProEpta will be supported and qualified by UVM.

WORKSHOP PROEPTA characterizes for having a staff of specialized teachers at the same time as each of them are active in his development area.


Management and Administration of the Bar.

The competitor will develop the aptitude to take advantage to the maximum of the different processes of control, knowledge and quality of alcoholic drinks, mixology and cocktail. He will learn concepts about strategic marketing applied to food and drinks, as well as the production of a plan of business that helps to optimize sales in the drinks area. He will be able to control the costs in his establishment and to realize progressive analyses of sales and inventories.

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Manager’s Skills

The competitor will develop skills of leadership, teamwork and efficiency in the managing personnel by means of the analysis of practical cases, as well as dynamics of group. It will obtain tools that will help him to the correct administration of his human capital.

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Hygienic food handling

The competitor will learn the importance of the hygiene on having manipulated food and the produce and practices to follow in order to give to every saucer the best quality and innocuousness.

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Selling Techniques

The participant will learn the best strategies to promote the sales in his establishment. He will dominate the art of the negotiation and will know the most effective forms to create empathy with the client and this way to achieve a successful sale. Of equal form he will understand the importance of the service to the client and how to perfect his service attitude to reach success. He will learn the key points of the gastronomic marketing and communication.

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Wine Sales Strategy

The competitor will identify the basic wine elements, from his classification, correct tastings to harmonize with food, managing to develop strategies for his sale and while a better operation in the labor sphere

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Direction and Administration of Kitchen Course

The participants will know technologies to organize the processes of food production designing and managing work equipment, facilities and utensils. They will learn how to plan menus, establish sale prices and to calculate direct and indirect costs so that they could analyze his financial contribution to the business. They will recognize the gastronomic trends, the nutritional, dietetic aspects and the special need of the current demand.

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Leadership and Communication

The competitor will learn to optimize and empower the administration of the human factor which is responsible of. It will develop the aptitude to take the initiative, manage, call, promote, stimulate, motivate and evaluate a group or a team.

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Dish Assembly

The competitor will know different assembly techniques that will help him to present his saucers of a varied and showy way based on simple solutions without increasing costs and achieving sales potentiate. He will understand the basic assembly rules as well as specific details of classic preparations which will give as a result intuitive and successful decorative assemblies using specific techniques.

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Nutrition and Menu Planning

The participant will learn the basic nutrition principles and its importance for health maintenance and disease prevention. He will develop the capacity of creating menus according to the specific needs of his clients by providing the best quality and ensuring the satisfaction of the same.

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2. Establishment Letter. In this, the line manager candidate will have to state that is informed that his employee will be in the graduate in the agreed schedules, without interfering in classes and student learning.

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This information will be sent via email to: or may be delivered on-site Workshop ProEpta, in Galileo 11 Col. Polanco Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo, México DF.


Ximena Aguirre

Coordinadora Taller ProEpta

Tel. (55) 4162-2222 Ext. 252

Cel. (55) 4305 2948


Workshop ProEpta is located inside ProEpta’s Showroom, Galileo 11 Col. Polanco, Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo, México D.F.

Inside the showroom a hotel and restaurant atmosphere is lived, this way the courses are more dynamic and experiential.

There are also graduates “in house” which are held within the facilities of our customers, in order to save time, use real facilities and promote continuous improvement in the business center.