Steak Knife Silver Plater - Osiris



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Silver Plater

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Discover the fascination of distinctive and clear forms in solid silver in this " Osiris " covered by Christofle. Unequivocally " Osiris " is the strict vertical lines that fan out explosively on the handles. This contrasts perfectly with the soft lines of the Mediterranean covered.

With this classic design " Osiris " cutlery , silver plater Christofle French goldsmith can proudly take their place in any dining table.

The name " Osiris " is a reference to the Egyptian god of regeneration and the Nile . And the design of cutlery also focuses on plants that grow in the fertile Nile Delta . The model for the design of the handle based on long stems of papyrus plants which extend in a pattern how umbella towards the end of the handles of knives, forks and spoons.


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