About us

ProEpta Hotel Collection presents its new collection Maison ProEpta including trends wonderful, elegant, authentic and distinguished. A tour of Maison ProEpta from the realization and display in our showroom is particularly exciting. Each product was created by renowned designers who put their heart and soul into making these products of the highest quality, creating an authentic , bright and full of life part.

Maison ProEpta is a brand that offers luxury collections, backed by French brands collection: Bernardaud, Baccarat, Christofle . The result of this union has been amazing and is worthy of recognition is the perfect mix for an elegant, original and luxurious concept, raising the Art de Table with the authentic style of Maison ProEpta.

Who we are

We provide equipment solutions to our customers HORECA* sector ensuring uniqueness and profitability for their business.

* Horeca is an acronym for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes .


Our customers see us as a key element for the success of their business.



Creativity. We are innovative and original.
Integrity. We act according to universal values .
Passion. Positively engaged and involved .
Flexibility. Be adaptable with willingness to change.
Service attitude. Provide care with heart and reason.
Ethics. We speak and act with truth..